Academic Enrichment Committee

Jessup PTA organizes and supports academic enrichment programs and events at our school. It is our main goal to help our children at Jessup improve reading and math skills, critical and analytical thinking, as well as engage them in arts in education. Join this vital committee and support our school!


Chessie book club

The Chessie program at Jessup is designed to improve students' reading skills, helping their reading fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Find out more how you can be part of this amazing program.


Destination Imagination (DI)

Our DI program is part of the STEM curriculum and focuses on hands-on activities while developing analytical skills. All DI teams will be able to show off their learned skills at the end of the program.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM)

The PTA STEM committee creates fun and educational opportunities for learning about science, technology, math and engineering through age appropriate programs for K-5 students. Please join us as we're constantly searching for new ideas and volunteers to offer more STEM opportunities.